Constanze Schreiner

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Constanze Schreiner

PhD student

University of Koblenz-Landau


Constanze studied at the University of Regensburg (UR), Germany, and the University of Toronto (UoT), Canada. Her Master Thesis dealt with “The influence of affective pictures on cognitive control processes”. During her studies she worked as a student assistant at the Lab for general and applied psychology (UR) and at the Emotion and Cognition Lab (UfT) of Professor Adam Anderson. In November 2012 she joined the Department of Work, Organizational and Media Psychology at the University of Linz, Austria, and started working on her PhD project “Cognitive and emotional processes underlying narrative persuasion“. Since November 2013 she is a PhD student at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany, under the supervision of Markus Appel.


Constanze’s research expertise lies in the domain of persuasive influence of stories. In her PhD project she focuses on emotional and cognitive processes leading to narrative persuasion. Stories have the power to shape recipients’ view of the world because of their potency to engage recipients and to transport them into the story world. It is well known that transportation affects persuasion, but how is still unclear. The aim of Constanze’s PhD project is an in-depth analysis of the underlying psychological mechanisms of narrative persuasion, and assessing emotional responses on-line, especially during reading of or listening to a story, as an alternative to retrospective self-reports. For that purpose a broad array of concurrent and objective measures from physiological indicators, like skin conductance, over eye-movement data to reaction times is used. Constanze has a background in the psychology of emotion and cognition, and is also involved in other media psychological projects, including for example the consequences of adolescents’ internet use or the effect of Social Network Sites on people’s self-concept. In general, Constanze is interested in applied psychological research, loves traveling the world and working in international teams.


narrative persuasion, stories, emotion, cognition, media

Key publications

Appel, M. & Schreiner, C. (2014). Digitale Demenz? Mythen und wissenschaftliche Befundlage zur Auswirkung von Internetnutzung. Psychologische Rundschau.