Cornelia Schnell

Health Narratives



Cornelia Schnell

PhD student at Augsburg University


Cornelia Schnell obtained her master’s degree in Media and Communication at University of Augsburg. Her master thesis focused on the influence of emotionality and cognitive load on counterarguing in the context of medical drama television series.

Cornelia is currently a PhD student at the department of media, knowledge and communication under the supervision of Prof. Helena Bilandzic.


Cornelia’s main field of interest is the construction and propagation of idealized (healthy) lifestyles through informal online videos and online media networks and their effects on self-concept and identity of users. She is also interested in the areas of self-improvement and self-optimization.

Her previous work has been located in the context of narrative persuasion and moral effects of entertainment narratives.


Narrative persuasion, social media, identity, online communication.