Simone Krouwer

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Simone Krouwer

PhD student
Universiteit van Antwerpen


Simone Krouwer (1992) graduated in 2015 with highest honor as a master in Strategic Communication (University of Antwerp). In February 2016 she started working as a doctoral student at the research group (MIOS Media & ICT in Organizations & Society), within the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp. Her supervisor is prof. dr. Karolien Poels.


Simone’s main field of interest concerns native advertising; online advertising formats that are designed to naturally blend in with the surrounded context. For example, a sponsored news article, or suggested posts in Facebook’s news feed. Her research focuses specifically on native advertising in online news media.

With this research project, she investigates to what extend native advertising is a sustainable advertising strategy for online news media, and how this technique should be implemented. Native advertising will be addressed from a multi-stakeholder perspective and  studies will therefore integrate theories from both advertising and journalism research. Furthermore, her research focuses on consumers’ processing of different native advertising formats, and seeks under which conditions the format should be considered.


native advertising, news media, narrative persuasion, online communication

Key publications

Krouwer, S & Poels, K.. (2016, forthcoming). Brands bringing news: readers’ evaluations of hybrid advertisements in online news media. ICORIA 2016. Slovenia.