Lara Hallam

Health Narratives


Lara Hallam

Universiteit van Antwerpen


Lara graduated in 2012 as a master in Strategic Communication (University of Antwerp), and in 2013 as a master in Corporate Communication (KU Leuven). In February 2014 she started working as a mandate assistant and doctoral student at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp. Her supervisors are Dr. Charlotte De Backer and Dr. Michel Walrave. As a doctoral student she is part of the MIOS research group (Media & ICT in Organizations & Society).


Lara’s Ph.D. research is about online dating and more specifically about how trust (a crucial aspect in relationship formation) is generated and can be enhanced in online dating environments (online dating websites, online dating applications, …). She currently focusses on how gossip could be implemented in online dating and which impact this generates on the online daters.  In a next step, Lara wants to analyze how gossip narratives (e.g. testimonials by friends or other online daters) in online dating environments can aid in building trust amongst online daters’ personal dating quests.


Online dating; trust; gossip; relationship formation


Walrave, M., Heirman, W., & Hallam, L. (2014). Under pressure to sext? Applying the theory of planned behaviour to adolescent sexting. Behaviour anf Information Technology, 33(1), 85-97.