Joris Van Ouytsel

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Joris Van Ouytsel

Universiteit van Antwerpen


Joris Van Ouytsel (1989) holds a master’s degree in Dutch literature and linguistics (University of Antwerp, 2011) and completed his second master’s degree in ‘communication sciences’ at the University of Leuven in 2014. Since October 2015, his research is funded by an FWO Fellowship (FWO-aspirant) and is supervised by prof.dr. Michel Walrave en prof.dr. Koen Ponnet. Joris focuses his research on the influence of digital media on relationship experiences and sexuality (sexting) among adolescents.

In 2013 he was appointed as research assistant at the MIOS partner project at the Flemish Center for Media Literacy ( He assisted with the development of a lesson plan about advertising literacy and worked on ‘Mediawijs Online’, a ‘practitioner’s guide about online interpersonal communication, which was published as a GPRC-book (peer-reviewed) by LannooCampus. The book was distributed in 1200 Flemish High Schools as part of a prevention campaign by the Flemish department of education. Joris also participated in the research project ‘Media Didactica’, which developed a framework for the implementation of media literacy in education and society. This resulted in a work book and website published by Die Keure.


Joris published several studies on sexting among Flemish adolescents and currently studies cyber dating abuse among adolescents (the use of digital media within romantic relationship to control or harass a romantic partner). His current project focuses on the antecedents of cyber dating abuse perpetration by applying and comparing several complementary theoretical perspectives. This will allow to compare the predictive power of the various frameworks and to provide educators with information on how to tailor their prevention efforts effectively to the main facilitators of cyber dating abuse perpetration.


Sexting, cyber dating abuse, online sexuality, role of digital media in romantic relationships, media literacy education

Key publications


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