Jakob Hörtnagl

Health Narratives


Jakob Hörtnagl

PhD student
Augsburg University


Jakob Hörtnagl got his BA degree in Cultural- and Social Anthropology with an emphasis on Media Anthropology in Vienna and his MA degree in Media Culture at Bremen University, where he worked as a student research assistant in the DFG priority program “Mediatized Worlds”. He is currently employed as a research assistant and PhD student at the Department of Media, Knowledge and Communication at the University of Augsburg. Throughout his academic studies he sought ways to empirically research the interrelations between social and cultural change with regard to media change. He practices contextualizing media studies influenced by media anthropology, British cultural studies and mediatization theory, aiming for theory-constructing research that is both empirical and culturally sensitive.


Hörtnagl’s current PhD project investigates the appropriation of body images and identity politics with regard to new media technologies from a non-media centric perspective. Using techniques from Grounded Theory, Discourse Analysis and Ethnography he investigates processes of objectification, quantification and optimization and their impact on body-self-images and health related actions.


Body Sociology, Health Communication, Game Studies, Mediatization, Qualitative Methods