Hilde Van den Bulck

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Hilde Van den Bulck

Universiteit van Antwerpen


Hilde Van den Bulck is Full Professor of Communication Studies, head of the Media Policy and Culture research group and dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Antwerp.

She obtained an MA in Communications from the KULeuven (B) and an MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester (UK). In 2001, she obtained a PhD from the KULeuven (B) with an historical study of the role of public service broadcasting (PSB) in the project of Modernity, focussing on Flemish PSB. She has worked at the University of Antwerp since 2001. In 2014 she is also part time guest professor at the University of Bergen in Norway.

She is vice-chair of the Communication Law and Policy section of ECREA, vice-president of NeFCA, the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association, and vice-chair of NeFCA’s popular culture devision. Furthermore, she is vice chair of the Flemish Media Council (SARC).


Van den Bulck combines complementary expertise in the areas of media structures and policies with a focus on public service broadcasting, and of media culture and identities with a focus on celebrity culture. With regards to the latter, she focuses on how mediated communication about celebrities creates social and moral discussions, focusing on the role of celebrities as philanthropists and endorsers of social profit issues and causes, including health. Her research involves inductive framing analysis of (off- and online mediated communication about) celebrities endorsements’ narration of social profit issues such as those relating to health. Her research further focuses on the impact of such celebrity endorsed messages on audiences and the way in which audiences deal with such celebrity endorsement stories of social profit issues, analysing how communication with peers, parasocial relations with celebrities and personal experiences are intermediaries in how people deal with celebrity-related (online) media content.


Celebrity endorsements of social profit/health issues, celebrity philanthropy, framing analysis, media audiences

Key publications

Representative of carreer

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Key to this project
[ISI] Panis, K. & Van den Bulck, H. (2012). Celebrities’ Quest For a Better World Understanding Flemish Public Perceptions of Celebrities’ Societal Engagement, Javnost/The Public, 19(3), 75-92. (IF: 0,13)

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