U of Antwerp visiting UNSW

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U of Antwerp visiting UNSW

u_antw_unsw_3After a long journey (two flights, several movies or about 23 hours of travelling later), we arrived in Sydney. We were very lucky with the house we rented near Coogee Beach, and our enthousiasm continued when we met the UNSW team the next day. Lisa and Annie guided us through the campus, made arrangements for our badges and internet connections, and showed us our offices. Afterwards we received a very warm welcome by the whole team during morning tea.

Seminars helped us to get acquainted with the work of UNSW colleagues (Stephen Bell) and other visiting scholars (Lord Norman Fowler). During a meeting with Stephi and her student Lina Tao, we also got the opportunity to present our own work. These exchanges were very informative. Stephi told us more about her projects in which migrant youngsters were inivited to make their own movies and Lina presented her research on the representation of migrant children in the Chinese micro-blog sphere. We briefed them on our projects about youngsters’ (negative) online experiences (e.g. cyberbullying, sexual harrassment,…) and ICT-related interventions. The discussions afterwards were very inspiring. During our contacts with Kath we made the plans for the symposium (on the first of August) more concrete.

Besides digging in the literature on narrative methods and narrative interventions (in the context of youngsters and online risks), writing overview documents on these topics and preparing a first co-authored manuscript, we are (of course) also enjoying the life in Sydney. Weekend = time for excursions! We have already followed the beautiful Coogee to Bondi clifftop trail, admired the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and visited the Blue Mountains!

To be continued!

Enthousiastic greetings from: Anne, Kathleen, Sara and Heidi

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