Trevor Cullen

Health Narratives


Trevor Cullen

Associate Professor of Journalism
Edith Cowan University


Since 2002, he has been a lecturer, Course Coordinator, Program Director and Associate Professor of Journalism at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia.


Trevor has received several university and national tertiary teaching awards and two national research grants (ARC and OLT), and his research areas include health reporting, health communications and media coverage of infectious diseases, especially HIV. He is a member of the International AIDS Society (IAS), and he has been described as one of the top researchers in Australia on media and HIV. Trevor conducts workshops in Asia and the Pacific on reporting HIV and he works as a reporter at international AIDS conferences.
Trevor’s current projects include media training for AIDS organizations and HIV leaders, and teaching health communications as a Visiting Professor at the Communication University of China in Beijing.


HIV journalism, health journalism, health communications, media coverage of infectious diseases, media training, media education.

Key publications since 2009
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