Leesa Costello

Health Narratives

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Leesa Costello

Assistant Professor
Edith Cowan University


Leesa is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in the School of Exercise and Health Sciences at Edith Cowan University which has enabled her to undertake innovative research in the field of health communications. While Costello’s track record has been around social networking, online community and social media strategies for health promotion and improvement, she developed an interest in plant-based nutrition during her PhD research which was designed to help heart patients adopt healthier lifestyles via online communications.


As a PhD student, she was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the HeartNET intervention which was funded by the Australian Research Council as a Linkage Project between the National Heart Foundation and ECU during 2004. The intervention relied upon the building of an online community in order to support heart patients, reduce their secondary risk factors, and foster more meaningful communications between the industry partner and its supporters.

Sine her PhD, Leesa has used her expertise in health communication, community development and netnography to develop research in relation to breast cancer support, sedentary behaviours, and the social construction of plant-based diets. Leesa has also been involved in research with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which produced a virtual community for men’s health and wellness. Currently, she supervises eight post-graduate students who are undertaking various social health research projects at the PhD and Masters level. Leesa is experienced in grant writing and convenes the Population Health Research Group at ECU.


health communication, netnography, health promotion, online community, social media, qualitative research, plant-based nutrition

Key publications

(Costello was previously Bonniface)

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